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Digital Agenda Europe – support the Manchester Local2020 ‘team’

Things are really taking off across Europe (although some would argue it’s only taken us 20 years to get here!) with the launch of the new Digital Agenda Europe – DAE – initiative (find out more at the DAE website http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/digital-agenda/index_en.htm) and the related website “Local2020″, http://www.local2020.eu/, which is working to get far more locally based collaboration on new and innovative ideas for the Digital Agenda. Local2020 is coordinated by local company, Clicks and Links, a long standing collaborator with MDDA, and supported by some of our more dynamic colleagues in the European Commission. We all met up together at the local “DAE Goes Local” event in April and came up with a number of proposals for new projects and potential new ways of doing things. The first ideas are on the Local2020 website and have been organised into a “Local Grand Prix” where each project idea is an “iCar” and needs support via ‘Likes’, comments or added support via the link through Facebook and Twitter. Our project is the “Open Services Aggregator”, an idea to promote open licensing of new ideas for the co-production of public services through Living Labs (and much more), and we have to get as much support as possible before the Digital Agenda Assembly meets in Brussels on June 16th/17th. This means YOU!!!! Please go on the site and add your comments or even add a new idea and give us support via Facebook and Twitter too! You know it makes (European) sense!!!

Posted on: May 9, 2011.