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and so this is Christmas (nearly)…..

Here’s to a Green (and Digital) Christmas! Things are finally beginning to get a little less hectic and we’re starting to plan some great things for 2010. In the meantime the Tech Team have put together a great little time lapse video piece of the view from the Town Hall tower across St. Peters Square and Princess Street which our colleagues at Marketing Manchester picked up on in their Visit Manchester  blog (check it out!). We’re still getting lots of interest from the launch of the Green Digital Charter at the Eurocities AGM in Stockholm at the end of November, see the Press Release, under the title “Europe’s big cities go ‘smart and green’” in the Press Room of the Eurocities web site. Plus the best stuff is yet to come in terms of our plans for becoming the best connected fibre and wireless city in the UK and our modest objectives of halving the price for next generation access (NGA) business broadband connectivity as soon as possible. 2Mbs for all? More like 2Gbs for all, why limit our ambitions? We’ll be saying a lot more in the new year, starting with the NW Insider Breakfast event on Jan. 15th, more details on the events page of the NW Insider website. I’ll be back next week with more examples of seasonal cheer but until then……

Posted on: December 16, 2009.