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Post Digital Britain

It only seems a few days ago that I was enjoying the last of the summer sunshine, thinking I was still on holiday, but in fact I’ve been back for two weeks and I feel I’ve done nothing but catch up on emails, posts, blogs and general updates on where we all want to go with this agenda. There is still a very cautious mood around larger institutions, pondering and ponderous, as someone commented last week. The really exciting stuff, yet again, is coming from small businesses and the voluntary and community sector. There really does seem to be a renewed commitment to making things work for themselves/ourselves and there are some great ideas knocking about, Software Freedom Day  taking place this Saturday, being one of them. We’re continuing to work very closely with the Community Broadband Network and it’s worth checking out the “Scenarios for NGA”, i.e. Next Generation Access broadband networks, piece that they’ve just republished on the website. Next week I’ll be over in Amsterdam to meet with colleagues rolling out the City-Net fibre to the premises project and also the Amsterdam Living Lab to find out how they’re getting on and what we can learn from their experience. For those who say it’s impossible to do this in the UK I’ll stick with my favourite answer, ‘the difficult we try to do immediately, the ‘impossible’ simply takes a little longer…’.

Posted on: September 17, 2009.