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BBC story on how home fibre is taking off all around the world, but, once again, not in the UK, yet!

The BBC have been consistently good on picking up on these stories, this one last week from the BBC News site, showing that the deployment of the fibre to the home and businesses is surviving the downturn, at least in other parts of Europe. The UK is nowhere near the top ten ‘fibre to the home’ (FTTH) countries, languishing behind: 1. Sweden – 10.9%; 2. Norway – 10.2%; 3. Slovenia – 8.9%; 4. Andorra – 6.6%; 5. Denmark – 5.7%; 6. Iceland – 5.6%; 7. Lithuania – 3.3%; 8. Netherlands – 2.5%; 9. Slovakia – 2.5% and 10. Finland – 2.4%. In fact figures are so hard to come by for the UK, some commentators believe we are not even at 0.1% yet alone at the 1% which is sometime quoted. So much to do, so little time!!

Posted on: September 17, 2009.