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Iceland shows the way on green energy

I had the chance to visit Iceland again a couple of weeks ago for the Eurocities Knowledge Society Forum meeting, what we all know as ‘Telecities’. Apart from the fact that it is an amazing place, scenery, environment, ambiance etc., with great people and very interesting recent political developments with a radical left-green government elected in the wake of the financial scandals, it is also now very affordable, with the Icelandic Krona halving in value against the pound. As part of the event we were taken to look at the latest geo-thermal power plant just outside Reykjavik, it’s already at 60% capacity and when it’s finished in 2010 it will produce more energy than is required by the whole of Reykjavik. In addition this is 100% renewable energy and the only emissions are steam and most of that is converted into hot water that is pumped into every home in the city-region at a fraction of the cost that any of us pay for hot water here. The digital angle is that the country is positioning itself to be the green data centre of the world. This was my third trip over the last five years and it just gets more interesting every time I go. If you haven’t been, give it a go, there are direct flights from Manchester every Monday and Friday. Also take a look at the film ’101 Reykjavik’ if you haven’t seen it.

Posted on: June 24, 2009.