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Europe going Next Generation Broadband everywhere, except in the UK (yet!!)

On Monday and Tuesday this week we hosted a two day event on how we could, and must, get Next Generation Broadband in the UK. It was organised by the Community Broadband Network (CBN) to ensure that there was some immediate follow-up to the Digital Britain report with a new strategy for community led action. This included the launch of a new network that will enable independent operators to work together and offer services on a national and international basis, it’s called the Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA) and was launched with a video message of support from Lord Carter (no relation) himself. On Monday we had three colleagues who gave an excellent overview of what could be possible, drawing on their international experience, James Enck (independent analyst and blogger), Dirk van der Woude (leading the City-Net project for the City of Amsterdam) and Benoit Felten (a leading global analyst with the Yankee Group). All three showed that all over the world, and especially close to home in other parts of Europe, city-led partnerships are rolling out ultra-high speed broadband using fibre and wireless which is affordable and accessible to all (costing about £30 per month for 100Mbs symmetric services and even less, e.g. in Stockholm prices have just been halved to £7.50 per month). Their advice, which is being given freely and generously,  is crucial to ensuring that we are successful here in Manchester, both with the pilot project in The Corridor and our plans for wider accessibility across Manchester. A great event and thanks to CBN and everyone else for making it so. Watch this space for more on “Fibre to the People” in Manchester.

Posted on: June 24, 2009.