Prestigious International Award for Dave Carter

On 15 May Dave Carter, the head of Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA), received the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) Founders Award at a special ceremony in New York, USA.

The ICF is a global think tank based in New York, which aims to promote and share best practice in the use of digital technologies for economic and social development across the world.

Dave has received the award in recognition of his role with Manchester City Council in developing the MDDA and the many innovative projects he has worked on during his career.

These include: the UK’s first public access email system; the “Manchester Host” and the Electronic Village Halls in 1991; the digital summer festival in 1998 to celebrate Manchester being the birthplace of the first real computer in 1948 and most recently the “Fibre to the People” pilot project for next generation broadband for Corridor Manchester.

Dave’s work also stretches beyond Manchester and the UK. He is one of the founding members of Telecities, a project in the Eurocities network that promotes knowledge sharing on new technologies among European cities. Telecities has been running successfully for 15 years.

Dave Carter speaking at the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum

Dave said: “I am very proud to have received this award and I strongly believe that it wouldn’t have been made without the strategic commitment given to digital technology and to our work by Manchester City Council over the years.”

Sir Richard Leese, leader, Manchester City Council said: “I congratulate Dave on his award, and I believe it is another indication of how, through investment in innovative projects, Manchester is becoming a leading player in the knowledge led economy on a global level. Dave’s enthusiasm, commitment and understanding of the importance and potential of digital technologies has been making a real contribution to the city for many years, and this recognition is very well deserved.”

The ICF Founders Awards are presented to individuals, applications, organisations or innovations that are transforming the use of broadband for the common good. The Founders Awards attempt to identify best practices, sustained programmes or inspiring initiatives and give them global recognition.

There are three awards given each year, the other two winners are: Andrew Spano, Westchester County, New York and Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

Noting that the Founders Awards represent innovation and dedication to results in today’s broadband economy, ICF Co-Founder Louis Zacharilla congratulated the 2009 recipients: “These are three remarkable leaders and organisations – and examples of why Intelligent Communities are more relevant than ever to the global economy as it attempts to rebound from the current financial crisis.”

Through ICF, Manchester was named a top seven intelligent community in 2006 and appears on the ICF’s list of the Smart21 in 2009.

Posted on: May 15, 2009.

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  1. Kelly Stephenson comments:

    Congratulations Dave, well deserved and a fantastic accolade for the work of the MDDA. Would love you see a vid of your speach – you always were a pro!

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