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A Green and Digital Future? Eurocities in Manchester

Watch the Keynote speech by Linda Mauperon, Member of Cabinet, DG Information Society and Media, European Commission.

The rest of this week we’re hosting the Eurocities conference on Digital Innovation and Sustainable Cities.

Delegates from over 50 cities across Europe will be meeting in Manchester Town Hall to discuss the idea of a Green Digital Charter which will set out opportunities for using digital technologies in more dynamic and innovative ways to tackle climate change, especially through improved energy efficiency.

At the moment ICTs have a similar carbon footprint to the airline industry, about 2%, but they also have the capability to be used to support intelligent systems for reducing energy use and increasing the use of renewables.

It’s still controversial though and I’ve had several people saying why bother when the carbon footprint of an avatar in Second Life is higher than that of real individuals in most of the world.

Well there’s a number of reasons: firstly, is this a ‘global myth’ (rather than just an urban one) as I’ve never seen any proof to back this statement up, although it is a good way of making a point; secondly, there are some compelling arguments for, and examples of, people using ICTs in really clever ways to engage people in tackling climate change and create intelligent systems that are cheap and easy to use. More on this story later…

Posted on: March 27, 2009.

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