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Next Generation Broadband Launched

After months, if not years, of planning we had a great day on Tuesday (March 24th) when we launched, what we hope will be, the largest fibre to the premises – known as FTTP (in the ‘trade’) – project in the UK covering the area of the Oxford Road Corridor, now called The Corridor Manchester.

This basically covers the Ardwick and Hulme wards and the southern part of the city centre, up to the canal and Portland Street.

More than 50 people crammed into the meeting room above the original Kro in Oxford Street to hear the Leader of the Council, Sir Richard Leese, Damien Bourke from the NWDA, Jackie Potter, CEO of The Corridor Manchester Partnership, and me talk about the project and what we hope to achieve.

There was a lively Q&A afterwards and plenty of networking. The next stage is to get everyone thinking about what we can do with (virtually) unlimited bandwidth.

You can read some more about this in the press release.

Posted on: March 24, 2009.

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